So, what should you pay for great product planted? When dealing with a hedge you most likely will be buying in larger quantities. Below is the fair market value established for high grade specimens: 

15 gallon- $150

24"box- $500

32" box- $1000

36" box- $1500

Anything larger than 36" box, acquire further guidance based on specimen.

Watering for proper root development.

Deep watering is essential to assuring there are no root issues. Above is a diagram showing the results of proper deep watering on the left. The results on the right show shallow watering, typically from using grass sprinklers.

Remember with any hedge or tree you must deep water. This will give you not only healthy non-invasive roots, but allow you to cut back on watering in the future. 


Ficus Hedge​ 



Best Hedge

When planting a hedge or tree there are some simple steps to follow. 

1. After digging a hole, always soak with water so surrounding dirt doesn't dry out the root ball after planting. 

2. Make a 50/50 mix using an  organic mulch and your current soil to back fill the hole.

3. Stamp out all air pockets to avoid root rot.

4. Use a root stimulator to help the specimen take faster. 

FIcus Nitida, the #1 hedge in America!

  • Low maintenance
  • Green year around
  • 100% dense
  • Great sound barrier
  • No height restrictions
  • Best curb appeal
  • Complete privacy; goodbye nosy neighbors!